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Wall Street Outage

So I have been in the computer business for 29 years, basically since computer became a device that you could use in your home.  I want to share my thoughts on the latest Wall Street computer outage.  They have now been down for 3 hours plus as I write this, and in the information technology business that is a lifetime.  Also it is a serious problem, despite all the calls to the contrary.

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani slams : They haven’t unfortunately thought out crisis management.

This statement should tell you everything you need to know about trusting wall street with your hard earned money.  If you work for a living and are putting money aside you should not be putting it in the ‘markets’.  Many people come across money easily, the rich get richer, and they invest in markets.  That is great, but are you willing to play easy come easy go with your savings?

In my experience, they are vast amounts of men and women in IT, but very few who actually know what they are doing.

Be smarter!

ALERT Fishing Scam that looks like Microsoft VLCS email

Microsoft VLCS Fishing Scam

A new phishing scam is affecting Microsoft clients across North America.

The email looks legitimate, and appears to be a welcome email from the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC). The scam email includes links taking you to an authentic-looking Microsoft website, designed to steal your username and password associated with your Microsoft account.

We’re asking our clients to be vigilant, and await further instruction directly from Microsoft.

If there is any doubt in your mind, do not click on any links.

To see what the email looks like, check out the FYI – Microsoft VLSC Phishing E-Mail thread at SpiceWorks.

backup for all your important data

Haven’t posted in a long time, always good to remember, it isnt a matter of when you will lose your data but when, so make sure you have a good cloud backup solution! Call me if you need cost effective backup for all your important data…. it could be your entire business, or your pictures of kids or grand kids, some data is irreplaceable,

Too much security

So as i sit hear trying to remove 5 different antivirus products from a machine with no viruses or malware on it, I can’t help but think that our emphasis on protecting ourselves just does us more harm then good.  I spend more time answering security concerns, cleaning off security products with special removal tools then I do getting rid of actual viruses.

If you are online you need some kind of protection, you can click the wrong link and become infected, but the main thing that keeps machines virus and malware free is informed users, not spending more money on security products.


8 Start Menu Replacements For Windows 8

Old habits die hard, and that’s why Microsoft’s Windows 8 missing Start menu even has the die-hard Windows fans up in arms. Fortunately, there are more than several ways to work around Microsoft’s omission. Here we look at eight Windows 8 Start Menu replacements, some of which have key features that include running a Metro app in a desktop window, bringing a Start menu to the Metro screen and having a shutdown option, right on the Start menu. Read on to find out the CRN Test Center’s eight recommendations for Start menu replacement apps for Windows 8.