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Windows 10 updates

Windows 10 is nice, slick, small footprint, runs great, of course basically everything you do is now in Microsoft’s hands, and updates are the most frustrating.  Trying to shut off updates is a nightmare, leaving them on causes your operating system to land in disarray whenever Microsoft sees fit to force a bad update.

Go into services and disable that and do the updates when you see fit, to avoid the constant ongoing issues that are plaguing the masses.

go to sevices, then find windows update then got option by right clicking on it, then under the starup type choose disabled and it will never update again

Microsoft VDI

I am gonna be 50 this year, 30 plus years in the tech business.  I remember watching Microsoft’s meteoric rise to the top, along the way i remember them buying companies just to include their ideas into the next windows OS.  Data compression comes to mind, I always thought wow, a company was charging for this and now Microsoft has included it free, how awesome is that?

In comparison, I recently had the painful experience of looking into licensing for Microsoft VDIs for a client.  The licensing model is the exact opposite of what made Microsoft great, it is so ridiculously complicated and expensive that I can see no way desktop virtualization will be a path forward for most companies.

Common sense would dictate that if you wanted to run a virtual instance of an OS you could just buy that OS and then you are good, but that isn’t the model Microsoft has chosen.  Even though any desktop running windows 7 or 8 get a free upgrade to 10, anyone running a virtual OS must pay a subscription to run the product virtually.  It is a totaly deterent to inovation, and once again serves as a great example of how Microsoft will not be able to compete against companies like Google going forward.  Google and Amazon has the model of innovation first that Microsoft has 20 years ago, but now, thanks to horrible decisions in their boardrooms by suits that don’t understand technology, they have ruined the idea that business will virtualize windows in the future.

Virtualization will still be a game changer, it just will be without using windows on VDIs, and maybe that isn’t a bad thing!

Recycling old pcs with Ubuntu

I have had great success installing Ubuntu on old windows machines for friends, its fun and i amazed at how fast it runs and also picks up old hardware drivers.  If you are using a google apps, and just need online access it is a great alternative to buying another new machine.

Nonprofits looking for cost saving, or kids that just want to tool around on an old desktop should try it out.  You shouldn’t be running xp, and vista is a nightmare, but Linux has some viability in that space, especially with the new cloud-centric atmosphere.

If you have tried Linux in the past and gave up I would definitely recommend a second look, the ease of use is much improved.  Hoping to see chrome os become a free alternative for older boxes in the near future.

UPDATE – Peppermint OS linux is a great alternative

Too much security

So as i sit hear trying to remove 5 different antivirus products from a machine with no viruses or malware on it, I can’t help but think that our emphasis on protecting ourselves just does us more harm then good.  I spend more time answering security concerns, cleaning off security products with special removal tools then I do getting rid of actual viruses.

If you are online you need some kind of protection, you can click the wrong link and become infected, but the main thing that keeps machines virus and malware free is informed users, not spending more money on security products.


8 Start Menu Replacements For Windows 8

Old habits die hard, and that’s why Microsoft’s Windows 8 missing Start menu even has the die-hard Windows fans up in arms. Fortunately, there are more than several ways to work around Microsoft’s omission. Here we look at eight Windows 8 Start Menu replacements, some of which have key features that include running a Metro app in a desktop window, bringing a Start menu to the Metro screen and having a shutdown option, right on the Start menu. Read on to find out the CRN Test Center’s eight recommendations for Start menu replacement apps for Windows 8.

Symantec Rules of Engagement

You won’t read about this in CRN, or any other computer rag that takes millions in ad revenue from Symantec every year.  However today I received an Email entitled “Symantec Partner Rules of Engagement”.

it begins…

“At Symantec, we recognize the huge role our partners play in our success. ”

and goes on to say…

“Adherence is required, not voluntary”

and links to a PDF of all the rules, I consider this another Symantec EPIC FAIL.

Why would I or any partner for that matter want to be in any partnership with a company that arbitrarily says, hey if you want to be a party of this partnership, do what we say or beat it.

Of course this is like reason #187 not to ever sell or use Symantec, but it amazes me that they have any partners at all with that attitude.  Why not just sell your product direct only, then you won’t have to worry about your “partners”?