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Net Neutrality in the age of Trump

It seems a bit ridiculous that we even have to worry about this in 2017, yet here it is, front and center yet again.  The average user has little idea of the impact these kinds of rules can have on their everyday surfing habits.  As a small business owner with a decades long history in IT, this is a subject that is near and dear to me.  Overturning current law will have a horrible impact on all small businesses throughout the country, and make sure you make your voice heard and don’t allow this white house or this congress to change the way we use the internet, once it is done it will nearly impossible to go back.  This is a fight worth having for every consumer, whether you realize it or not!

net neu·tral·i·ty

  1. the principle that Internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoring or blocking particular products or websites.

Windows 10

Windows 10 came out just in time to allow corporate networks to bypass windows 8, and it is a solid performer.  I have upgraded about 20 machines so far and outside of a few driver issues it has been a big performance boost.
Rollback to windows 7 is a great feature and reset is great feature for users that have problems to get back to work.


Why you should help us…

I have been servicing the small business and non profit sectors with technology for over 30 years working with local businesses and helping charities at very low cost. Every company needs to buy their software, hardware, cloud services, etc from some reseller that uses that income to support their bottom line, I use that income to support my family and my work helping charities.  Thank you for all those customers that realize this and have supported me through the years, and please pass our website and info along to anyone who handles purchasing for hardware, software, or IT services.

Wall Street Outage

So I have been in the computer business for 29 years, basically since computer became a device that you could use in your home.  I want to share my thoughts on the latest Wall Street computer outage.  They have now been down for 3 hours plus as I write this, and in the information technology business that is a lifetime.  Also it is a serious problem, despite all the calls to the contrary.

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani slams : They haven’t unfortunately thought out crisis management.

This statement should tell you everything you need to know about trusting wall street with your hard earned money.  If you work for a living and are putting money aside you should not be putting it in the ‘markets’.  Many people come across money easily, the rich get richer, and they invest in markets.  That is great, but are you willing to play easy come easy go with your savings?

In my experience, they are vast amounts of men and women in IT, but very few who actually know what they are doing.

Be smarter!

backup for all your important data

Haven’t posted in a long time, always good to remember, it isnt a matter of when you will lose your data but when, so make sure you have a good cloud backup solution! Call me if you need cost effective backup for all your important data…. it could be your entire business, or your pictures of kids or grand kids, some data is irreplaceable,

Google Chrome is pretty amazing

So I fired up a new pc with windows 7, logged into google with chrome, and BAM all of my stuff from chrome, bookmarks, saved passwords, everything, was synced over to the new pc.  That is a nice feature, saved me alot of time moving everything over.  Plus google synced all my contacts, mail, everything automatically, can’t do that with outlook.

the cloud can sometimes be an amazing thing!

Norton is a system killer

Finally I am making the move to Windows 7 on my main office computer, a few years after I should have, I know, but I was busy and dreaded moving everything over from XP. The blue circle gives me nightmares from many years of working on pc’s with Vista on them, but 7 is a sleek OS though, I have been running it on a test box for over a year and am confident it will work out well.

I got an HP i3 with 8gb 64bit and of course i spent the first few hours removing all of the crapware that HP puts on the thing.  The worst being a 30 day free trial of Norton 360, so I removed it along with everything else and the system started running much better.

Funny thing is though until I actually ran the Norton removal tool after the fact I really didn’t realize how fast this thing is, and it really bothered me that Symantec has to bloat these brand new systems out with this crap, and the average consumer doesn’t even realize that a simple add/remove doesn’t do the trick with most antivirus products.  You have to use special removal tools to get all the excess garbage off after the fact.

So next time you have a system that seems clean, but is still a bit slow, take the time to run those removal tools, it will help you with productivity tremendously!


I guess about 20 years ago now I opened my first merchant account through my bank so I could take credit cards.  Over the years dealing with merchant services, online payment gateways, etc. had been a nightmare and PayPal wasn’t an option, to much shenagins’s, yea i used that word.  I am sure most people in the IT business understand, security is always an issue.  I changed yo PayPal a few years ago though, mainly because Ebay, and I have come to really appreciate the simpleness of it as a solution.

Paypal allows me to do my invoicing, buy things easily online without having to use a credit card, create add to cart buttons, and handle many other business transactions.  I would say that that rate is a little higher then it was with a merchant account, but in my opinion, the ease of it far outweighs the extra few tenths of a percent.

I am sure anyone that has or has had a merchant account and tried to use it online can understand my viewpoint.  I remember back when I get my merchant account I had to pay a few grand just to set it up, and then there are fees from the bank, the processor, the online gateway, the shopping cart, and to try to track all of the hands in that pot was a nightmare.

People in the processing business that are friends have tried to argue with me about this, but my best advice is if you are considering or currently using a card processor to take donations, or accept credit cards for other reasons, you should definitely consider Paypal as an option.

I don’t get any money from Paypal for this praise, but if they read it they can feel free to send me a check…


Technology is ever changing…

One of the things I have always loved about technology is that it is always changing, and so is life.  I would have never thought back in the day when i was writing peeks and pokes in code that someday the world would be moving away from desktops to tablets.

Life is much the same way, ever changing, luckily the things you have learned help you make it through the changes and make the best of your opportunities.

A great example of this, I have started a post about cloud computing many times but have yet to finish it, mainly because my thoughts on it’s viability change daily.  It seems many of the offerings are things that us in the IT business have been already doing for years, yet others seem to be a great new way to look at technology, hopefully I will be able to get that post done soon!

So, were do I go from here…..stay tuned…