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Windows 10

Windows 10 came out just in time to allow corporate networks to bypass windows 8, and it is a solid performer.  I have upgraded about 20 machines so far and outside of a few driver issues it has been a big performance boost.
Rollback to windows 7 is a great feature and reset is great feature for users that have problems to get back to work.


Why you should help us…

I have been servicing the small business and non profit sectors with technology for over 30 years working with local businesses and helping charities at very low cost. Every company needs to buy their software, hardware, cloud services, etc from some reseller that uses that income to support their bottom line, I use that income to support my family and my work helping charities.  Thank you for all those customers that realize this and have supported me through the years, and please pass our website and info along to anyone who handles purchasing for hardware, software, or IT services.

HP and Pc’s and tablets

HP is the #1 PC maker on the planet, I think the talk of their demise is premature….  They will most likely spin off the systems and laptops like IBM did with Lenovo, although I personally think they are going to not do anything.  Already customers are deciding to go with Dell instead because of the uncertain future of HP, have to wonder what these guys where thinking.