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12 Things IT Will Hate About Microsoft Windows 8

Performance Flat-Line – 12 Things IT Will Hate About Microsoft Windows 8.

Wow, imagine that, Microsoft made it more complicated instead of easier, shocking.  Easier is always better, but Microsoft gave that idea up when vista was released.  Every version of the OS, or any Microsoft product, including their licensing structure continues to get harder and more convoluted instead of easier.

Have to wonder what the powers that be at Microsoft are thinking, it’s like watching a car crash in slow motion.

share your wi-fi and make the world a little bit better…

It’s an interesting back and forth in the tech world.  Do we secure our networks or keep them open.  In doing wireless network setups for consumers I usually ask the question of the owner, do you want your networked secured.  Inevitably the response is… What’s the risk?

I know most of my friends in the IT industry will disagree, but I say leave them open.  Hopefully this will yield some well needed comments to this blog…

The real risk is someone might use your network to surf the internet, using some of your bandwidth, chances are you would never even notice because of the size of the pipes now.   Worse case scenario is someone hacks in and monitors all of your traffic, maybe uses your pipe for spam or viruses, etc.  Personally I think if someone wants to steal you info they are going to do it regardless of the protection you have, and if they have the knowledge and tools to do it they are probably going after much bigger fish.  However, if you have a neighbor who is 13 and has a computer but his parents can’t afford or won’t pay for internet access, why not give him a free online solution?

Of course if you talk to the ISP they say, you have to lock it down, you don’t want someone using your network to download illegal stuff.  The government or your ISP should not be able to tie you to an IP address, and if they wanted to download illegal stuff they could go to any MacDonalds , or Starbucks, etc to get free open wifi.  My phone finds free wifi wherever i go and I am in a rural area.

Growing up, before the internet, I used to get on Bulletin Board Systems, they were all free, free downloads, backroom type stuff, but that is how you learn, you play around, if you have to pay to play then you you won’t learn.  The excitement of a kid getting free WiFi somewhere and doing stuff on the internet is how kids learn to become computer experts.  The problem is most of the so called experts now learned everything from the companies that wield the money and power, therefore they think that this needs to be a locked system so they can capitalize on it. that is what stifles creativity and slows advancements in technology.

if you want to read more on this check out…

HP and Pc’s and tablets

HP is the #1 PC maker on the planet, I think the talk of their demise is premature….  They will most likely spin off the systems and laptops like IBM did with Lenovo, although I personally think they are going to not do anything.  Already customers are deciding to go with Dell instead because of the uncertain future of HP, have to wonder what these guys where thinking.

Other tech blogs

Seems like the all of the bigger blogs are bought and paid for by the major manufacturers anymore, I try to keep up on all of them, ZDNET, CRN, etc… and read whats going on but they are basically just rooting for their check signers.

All the big guys are pushing office 365, as if somehow that compares to Google and other online solutions.  Not even close.  Try it yourself, it is a mess.  I have used it since BPOS came out, and I used Google as well, Google is far superior in every way, and free as well.