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Microsoft VDI

I am gonna be 50 this year, 30 plus years in the tech business.  I remember watching Microsoft’s meteoric rise to the top, along the way i remember them buying companies just to include their ideas into the next windows OS.  Data compression comes to mind, I always thought wow, a company was charging for this and now Microsoft has included it free, how awesome is that?

In comparison, I recently had the painful experience of looking into licensing for Microsoft VDIs for a client.  The licensing model is the exact opposite of what made Microsoft great, it is so ridiculously complicated and expensive that I can see no way desktop virtualization will be a path forward for most companies.

Common sense would dictate that if you wanted to run a virtual instance of an OS you could just buy that OS and then you are good, but that isn’t the model Microsoft has chosen.  Even though any desktop running windows 7 or 8 get a free upgrade to 10, anyone running a virtual OS must pay a subscription to run the product virtually.  It is a totaly deterent to inovation, and once again serves as a great example of how Microsoft will not be able to compete against companies like Google going forward.  Google and Amazon has the model of innovation first that Microsoft has 20 years ago, but now, thanks to horrible decisions in their boardrooms by suits that don’t understand technology, they have ruined the idea that business will virtualize windows in the future.

Virtualization will still be a game changer, it just will be without using windows on VDIs, and maybe that isn’t a bad thing!

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