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Symantec Rules of Engagement

You won’t read about this in CRN, or any other computer rag that takes millions in ad revenue from Symantec every year.  However today I received an Email entitled “Symantec Partner Rules of Engagement”.

it begins…

“At Symantec, we recognize the huge role our partners play in our success. ”

and goes on to say…

“Adherence is required, not voluntary”

and links to a PDF of all the rules, I consider this another Symantec EPIC FAIL.

Why would I or any partner for that matter want to be in any partnership with a company that arbitrarily says, hey if you want to be a party of this partnership, do what we say or beat it.

Of course this is like reason #187 not to ever sell or use Symantec, but it amazes me that they have any partners at all with that attitude.  Why not just sell your product direct only, then you won’t have to worry about your “partners”?

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